How to buy UPC codes for Amazon in 2023

You need to purchase a UPC before you can list your product on Amazon.

It may seem intimidating for a first-time seller, but the process is quite simple.

This article will explain what a UPC code is, why it's important, and how to get one that is compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service.



What is a UPC?

UPC is an acronym for Universal Product Code. It's a barcode that identifies a specific retail product. You will find barcodes upc on almost any retail product that you buy. UPC is a 12-digit unique number that appears beneath the barcode.

If the Amazon barcode is scanned or the code is entered into an online search engine, then the product associated with that code will be displayed in the system of the store or the Amazon search results.



Do you require a UPC in order to sell your products on Amazon?

Amazon barcode requires all product detail pages to have unique identifiers, such as GTIN, EAN, or UPC. These are all examples of product identifiers.

Amazon checks that the brand used to create a new listing matches the brand linked to the UPC within the GS1 database. Amazon uses the GS1 standard to verify your UPC.

Amazon won't allow you to list your products if the UPC doesn't match the information provided by GS1.



Why you should only buy barcodes through recognized sources

Why it's important to purchase UPC Amazon product barcodes only from reputable sources such as Buyabarcode

Guaranteed uniqueness

This ensures that every barcode is unique and can be recognized globally. Ensuring that each barcode is unique for accurate product identification and inventory management is important.

Conformity with industry standards

Sources that are trusted adhere to industry standards when it comes to barcode encoding and formatting. Barcodes help ensure compatibility with scanners and systems.

Market requirements

Amazon and other online marketplaces require that sellers use barcodes issued by GS1 to list their products. Amazon mandates that sellers use GS1 barcodes in order to maintain accuracy, avoid confusion and ensure customers.

Authenticity and trust

The use of legitimate barcodes that come from recognized sources will enhance your product's credibility and trust. It shows your commitment to quality and your adherence to industry standards. This can positively impact your relationship with your customers and retailers.

You should be aware that using barcodes that have been resold can cause problems, such as inaccurate product identification and penalties from online marketplaces. Read this article to learn more about why your barcode is not working.



UPC codes and Amazon: Best practices

There are several ways to make sure that your UPC barcodes appear correctly on Amazon. Here are some guidelines you should follow:

Obtain a legitimate UPC

You must purchase a UPC code from an authorized organization like GS1 to ensure your product has a unique identifier. Amazon will not accept resold UPCs or codes that are unauthorized.

Verify barcode accuracy

The barcode for Amazon and the product must be identical.

Print barcodes with high quality

To ensure accurate and clear representation, use barcode printers of professional grade.

Choose the right placement

Position the barcode in an accessible and visible location on the packaging. Avoid placing the barcode over curves or uneven surfaces. They may hinder scanning.

Barcode verification

Use specialized equipment for regular barcode testing to verify that printed barcodes are up to industry standards.

Maintain barcode uniqueness

Each product must have its own UPC. Avoid using the same barcode on multiple products even if there are similarities.

Barcode consistency across channels

Maintain barcode consistency if you sell products across multiple channels.

Update product information regularly

If you make any changes to your product (such as a change in packaging or variant), ensure that the barcodes and product information is updated.

Monitor product performance

Review your product's performance regularly on, including the feedback and reviews of customers.

Keep up to date with Amazon's policies

Be familiar with Amazon's policies regarding UPC barcodes.


Where can I buy a UPC for Amazon?

Amazon sellers used to buy cheap UPCs on third-party websites. This is a problem because a seller technically is purchasing a UPC that is connected to a brand/product other than their own.

If Amazon discovers that your UPC number is not authentic, they may remove your listing or even restrict your ability to create ASINs.

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