Here at Buy a Barcode, we are a GTIN code generator that helps businesses track and identify shipments as they make their way through the supply chain. Whether you need an SCC, GTIN, or MCC code, we supply a fast and easy way to download and register as many secure codes as you need. Contact us to find out more about our GTIN code generator.

Please type in the number 10 then type in the first 11 digits of your UPC number in the field below. For example, if your UPC number is 689076000017 you would type in 1068907600001. After typing in the number, press GENERATE BARCODE. Your final result will be 10689076000014.

What is a GTIN Case Code?
Besides the standard 12-digit UPC code and 13-digit EAN barcode, easily the third most common type of barcode used in the retail world is the 14-digit GTIN code (aka the Global Tracking Identification Number). They also commonly go by the name SCC code (Shipping Container Code) or MCC code (Master Case Code). But GTIN, SCC, and MCC codes are all the exact same thing. To be even more specific, they are all technically called the ITF-14 code (which stands for Interleaved Two of Five). For ease of understanding, simply use GTIN, SCC, or MCC and know that they are all the exact same thing.

GTIN/SCC/MCC barcodes are generally used for master cases of your product that get bulk shipped to warehouses. The warehouse will scan the GTIN/SCC/MCC barcode on your bulk shipment and then break it down into your individual products for placement onto retail shelves. Much like the UPC or EAN barcode, the 14-digit case code is simply a unique number. All master cases with the same product and quantity inside should use the same 14-digit case code.

It is a little known fact that UPC barcodes and EAN barcodes will also work just fine for shipping containers that are sent to warehouses. The reason why businesses use GTIN/SCC/MCC case codes instead is that in general they are free and UPC barcodes and EAN barcodes need to be purchased.

How is a Case Code Created?
As I stated earlier, a GTIN case code is a unique 14-digit number that nobody else has. Since UPC barcodes are already a unique number, it is very easy to create a unique 14-digit number from the UPC. To do this you simply select the font type ITF-14 (this stands for Interleaved Two of Five). You then type in 10 in and then the first 11 digits of your UPC barcode number. For example, if your UPC number is 689076000017 you would type in 1068907600001. There is an embedded algorithm in the ITF-14 font that will then automatically add the far right 14 th digit. This will ultimately make your GTIN be 10689076000014.

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