How to get an Amazon Barcode

One of the most frequent questions we get at is if the UPC barcodes we sell will work at Amazon.  Thankfully, the quick answer to this question is YES.  

It is true, however, that buying UPC Barcodes for Amazon has been made a bit more challenging over the years since Amazon has changed its requirements several times. This is due in large part to the fact that many people attempting to list products on Amazon are simply making up numbers out of thin air when asked for their product’s UPC barcode number.  This has caused a lot of conflicts inside of Amazon’s inventory tracking system.  Thus, to tackle this issue Amazon has come up with a couple of different ways to prove that you didn’t make up your UPC barcode numbers out of thin air.  


Legitimate UPC Barcodes for Amazon

The first way that UPC barcodes for Amazon are determined to be legitimate is for Amazon to check inside the GS1 database.  Amazon looks to see if your company name matches the company name listed beside your UPC barcode’s prefix.  If the names do not match exactly, Amazon will reject your UPC barcode.


How are UPC Barcodes verified for Amazon?

The other way that UPC barcodes for Amazon are verified is by having you upload 2 documents during the Amazon listing process.  These documents include a signed Letter of Ownership for your UPC Barcode along with a copy of the original GS1 certificate issued for your UPC Barcode’s prefix.  


Signed Letter of Ownership and original GS1 certificate for our UPC Barcodes

At, all of our UPC barcodes were purchased by us directly from GS1 and therefore we can legally provide you with the Signed Letter of Ownership along with the original GS1 certificate.  In fact, we are the only seller of barcodes aside from GS1 who can legally provide you with these documents and allow you to sell your products on Amazon.  None of the other sellers of barcodes can satisfy any of Amazon’s UPC barcode requirements and thus the UPC barcodes they sell will not work.


Buying UPC Barcodes for Amazon

Thankfully, when asked how to get UPC codes for Amazon we can say the process is as quick, simple, and inexpensive as going to  Afterall, buying UPC barcodes for Amazon is the main reason people need to buy UPC barcodes in the first place.

– Erik Quisling

Erik Quisling is the Founder and CEO of Started in 1999, has been featured in both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and has helped more than 100,000 businesses bring their products to market with barcodes.
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