Do's & Don’ts For Selling On Amazon

By Erik Quisling

As Amazon continues to be one of the top marketplaces for ecommerce sellers, there are some things to keep in mind when creating a listing. If you are new to selling on Amazon or need a refresher, here are a few do’s and don’ts that may be useful to know:


The Do’s of Amazon Product Listing:


  • DO become familiar with the Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct, Product Detail Page Rules, and Category, Product, and Listing Restrictions
  • DO use EAN or UPC barcodes whenever it is possible
  • DO write a short and informative title that includes your brand, model number, type of product, and size/color (if applicable)
  • DO research and include keywords that are unique to the listing and relevant towards your target audience
  • DO include clear images which represent your product accurately. Use a white background and show only your product in the frame for clarity and lack of confusion
  • DO provide a product description that is factual and concise
  • DO proofread everything on your listing before it goes live
  • DO keep track of your competitors and see what they are doing well and how they succeed
  • DO ship your products in a timely fashion


The Don’ts of Amazon Product Listing:


  • DON’T include anything in a title that may be perceived as promotional because this is against Amazon’s rules and can get you kicked off the marketplace
  • DON’T only list one product
  • DON’T add any links to your personal website in the product listing as this is strictly prohibited by Amazon
  • DON’T group your product listing in categories where there are lots of competitors
  • DON’T ignore customer issues. Be clear and honest when replying to customers.
  • DON’T post paid reviews (Amazon has sued several sellers who have done this)
  • DON’t break the rules and seller guidelines put in place by Amazon


If you implement the above do’s and don’ts, you will become more successful when listing your products on Amazon. When you stay true to your marketing plan and understand what you should and shouldn’t do, you will be more likely to reach your target audience and remain in good standing with Amazon.

– Erik Quisling

Erik Quisling is the Founder and CEO of Started in 1999, has been featured in both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and has helped more than 100,000 businesses bring their products to market with barcodes.
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