Selecting an Appropriate Barcode Type for Amazon Selling

When selling products on Amazon, it's critical to understand their barcode requirements. Amazon has specific recommendations regarding barcode types that ensure accurate product identification and efficient inventory management.

UPC, EAN, and ISBN barcodes are the most popular barcodes in retail. Let's examine each type and discuss how it applies to Amazon sellers.



UPC (Universal Product Code) barcodes are widely utilized across North America. Comprising 12-digit numeric codes, they're most often associated with products sold in retail stores and on Amazon. If you plan to sell products within North America through Amazon, UPC barcodes are your most suitable option.

EAN (European Article Number) barcodes are similar to UPC barcodes but use 13-digit numeric codes instead. They're primarily found in Europe, Asia, and other areas outside North America. EAN barcodes are suitable if selling products on Amazon marketplaces in these regions or implementing global distribution strategies.

ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers)

Book publishers, authors, and sellers in the book industry all utilize ISBN barcodes as part of their book-selling efforts. ISBNs uniquely identify each edition and format of a book on Amazon.


Barcode Requirements and Implications for Amazon Sellers

Barcode requirements imposed by Amazon are critical for maintaining accurate product identification and efficient inventory management on the platform. For each product listed, Amazon requires sellers to use valid and unique barcode numbers.

Failure to comply with barcode guidelines can result in listing errors, product, and account suspension. While Amazon supports UPC and EAN barcode formats, specific requirements may vary depending on the product category. For instance, books require ISBN barcodes for accurate identification.

Restricted categories, such as media products, may necessitate unique product identifiers like UPC, EAN, or ISBN. It's essential to understand and follow these rules.



Guidance on Selecting an Appropriate Barcode Type

Consider these factors when selecting an Amazon barcode type:

Product Category

Choose the Amazon category for your products and check if you need a barcode like an ISBN for books. Typically UPC or EAN barcodes can be used interchangeably depending on the category in question.

Geographic Location

When selling globally or targeting specific regions, be mindful of which barcode standards are in use there. UPC barcodes are popular among customers in North America, while sellers preferably use EAN in Europe, Asia, and other places.

Existing Barcodes

If your products already feature barcodes, be sure to review their formats (UPC or EAN) to ensure they're valid and unique. If selling books, make sure each title has an ISBN that's been issued validly.

Barcode Availability

To ensure the uniqueness and validity of barcodes, purchase barcodes from reliable sources like Buyabarcode. 

Scalability and Expansion

EAN barcodes could provide excellent compatibility if you plan to expand or sell products across different regions.

Remember, complying with Amazon's barcode requirements is of utmost importance in order to avoid listing and inventory issues. Before choosing a barcode type, learn Amazon rules for products' barcodes and locations. This will help you make a smart decision.

Remember that barcode rules may change. Check Amazon's latest information on Amazon Barcode Requirements.


The Importance of Buying Barcodes UPC from Trusted Sellers

Acquiring Amazon UPC barcodes from reliable sellers is vitally important for several reasons. First and foremost, such trusted sources offer unique barcodes which enable accurate identification and tracking.

Compliance with platform requirements is also crucial, with marketplaces like Amazon having specific guidelines regarding barcode procurement from trusted sellers. Ensure you follow these requirements, lowering the risk of listing issues or penalties. The usage of counterfeit or unauthorized barcodes could even result in account suspension or closure.

Honest sellers use barcodes that stores, wholesalers, and partners accept, making it easy to work with the retail system.

Trusted sources also typically comply with international standards like UPC or EAN for global marketplace compatibility. It increases your customer base while improving inventory management processes and distribution channels.



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– Erik Quisling

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