Do You Need a Barcode To Sell on Amazon?

Selling your products on Amazon is a huge boon to any creator because of the massive audience it puts your products in front of. Sometimes, sellers will feel intimidated about using Amazon as a marketplace because they don’t know what they need to get started. An important question is whether you need a barcode to sell on Amazon. We’ll go over the basics to introduce you to Amazon’s policies.

Amazon Barcode Policies

In short, you need a barcode on every product you want to sell on Amazon. However, not just any barcode will do. You’ll need to carefully consider where you get your barcodes, so you know they will be compatible with Amazon’s policies. The following are the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing your barcode:

GS1 Certification

GS1 is a non-profit organization that upholds the standards for barcodes used by a wide variety of corporations. It’s a worldwide organization that ensures barcodes are both legitimate and valid for most major retailers. The barcodes for your products must be valid in the eyes of GS1 for Amazon to accept and sell them. Not everyone who says they can give you a barcode can create one that is valid in GS1’s database.

Barcodes for Each Product Variation

You don’t just need barcodes for each product; you will also need individual barcodes for each variation on individual products. For example, if you sell an energy drink that comes in three different flavors, you will need separate barcodes for each flavor, not just one for the drink itself.

New Barcodes Only

In the past, you could buy barcodes from UPC resellers that would repurpose old barcodes for new products. Amazon will not take any barcode they cannot verify as belonging to the seller and not a third party, which is what you would get if you bought a barcode from a reseller. Make sure the GS1 can verify your new barcodes before you post products on Amazon.

How Do You Get an Amazon Barcode?

Now that we know you do need a barcode to sell products on Amazon, how exactly do you get one? Luckily, you’re already in the right place. is the only provider that can give you GS1-approved barcodes that comply with every aspect of Amazon’s policies.

We are always glad to provide Amazon UPC barcodes to sellers looking to grow their businesses. If you have any more questions about how to get your products ready for Amazon’s marketplace, we’ll be glad to provide answers.

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– Erik Quisling

Erik Quisling is the Founder and CEO of Started in 1999, has been featured in both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and has helped more than 100,000 businesses bring their products to market with barcodes.
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