Amazon's product listing procedure is constantly evolving and being updated. Thankfully, is the ONLY barcode seller other than GS1 that can provide you with the necessary documents to handle any potential issue or error that may arise during the listing process.

You can read more about Amazon's New Listing Requirements here...

Next, if you do receive an error message at any point during the Amazon listing process, it will be necessary to open an Amazon Support Ticket.

Before opening a support ticket, however, we highly recommend you download the Amazon documents from your account (found in "My UPC Barcodes" in your account's Dashboard).

Below is a very brief tutorial on opening a support ticket: How to Create a Support Ticket on Amazon Seller Central

Below are the most common Errors & Oversights that Amazon sellers make:

  1. Books / Audiobooks - If you are selling a book you may be required to have an ISBN. ISBN's are not UPC/EANs, most books already have an ISBN from the author/publisher. More at:
  2. Selling Major Brands - Major brands may have existing contracts or agreements with Amazon to not allow other sellers to list items using their brand name. Example: Nike / Apple / GE / Microsoft etc. If you attempt to list a major brand name in the brand field and then try using your new GTIN with that brand name, it will not work. This is because your barcode (while being valid) is not one of that brand's barcode numbers. Amazon is trying to keep sellers from pretending to be other brands and mislead consumers with fake-branded products.
  3. Brand Registry - Seller Program - This is the most common listing area that receives an error. To handle this, open an Amazon Support Ticket and provide the customer service rep with the Amazon documents downloaded from These docs will get you whitelisted with Amazon and allow you to proceed.
  4. Legacy Brand Registry Sellers - From what we have seen past listings are grandfathered into this program and are not under the new rules, but any new listings will be under their new set of requirements (listed above). Please read the terms that Amazon provides you to assure your listings are not affected by their GTIN policy changes.
  5. Product Bundles - If you are listing a branded item for sale that does not exist, like a popular brands items in a bundle, and you try and use a major brand's name in the brand field you will be blocked. This is because you are not that brand, nor is your barcode number from that brand. This is normal and is Amazon's rule on the matter. The Amazon approved work-around is to list your company name (or personal brand/DBA) in the brand field and then list the major brand's name in the item description. Example: This way consumers know that they are not buying a Nike bundle, but a "Bob's Shoe Mart" bundle that includes two Nike products. Some sellers do not wish to lose "rankings" by not having the major brand name not be in the brand field, but those are Amazon's specific rules that they coded into their database.

At the end of the day barcodes (UPC/EAN/GTINs) are incredibly simple identification numbers, Amazon's "site/system" however, is not quite as simple. Be aware of this before beginning your Amazon seller experience.