Selling your products on Amazon is one of the best ways to make sure that you reach the widest audience possible. In order to do that, you’ll need to get all of your products unique barcodes that Amazon can use for transactions.

However, in 2022, Amazon dramatically tightened their listing process for new products as it pertains to UPC barcodes. As a basic requirement, they now require a copy of the original GS1 certificate associated with your product’s barcode along with a signed Letter of Affiliation with the name on the GS1certificate. is pleased to be the ONLY seller of barcodes (other than GS1) who can provide you with those 2 documents and get you through the listing process.

In addition, will also automatically place your products, company, and barcodes permanently into the GS1 US Data Hub without annual renewal fees (unlike GS1) so you never have to worry about your barcodes being accepted everywhere in the world at any time in the future.

The easiest way to list your products on Amazon is definitely to prepare ahead of time. For example, after purchasing your UPC barcodes from you will be able to instantly login to your new account. This is where you will be able to instantly download your GS1 certificate and signed Letter of Affiliation. We then recommend watching the below video because amazon will require you to open a basic ticket with them during the listing process to provide them with these 2 documents."

If you plan to sell your products on Amazon, you may want to be wary of some of the most common pitfalls that sellers unknowingly fall into. Keep these Amazon selling errors and oversights in mind so you they don’t end up biting you later:

  • No ISBN for Books/Audiobooks. Most books and audiobooks need to have an associated ISBN in order to be on Amazon. Many authors and publishers get these ISBNs themselves, but you can learn more about them at
  • Trying to Sell Large Brand Products. In order to protect consumers from scammers who try to pass off fake products as something from a major brand, Amazon won’t let sellers use a new GTIN for it. The barcode that you purchased might be valid on its own, but it can’t be attached to a product that already has a barcode from that major brand.
  • Brand Registry – Seller Program. It's common for new sellers who are part of brand seller programs to receive an error like this when they first start trying to sell on Amazon. The documents that you receive from will be enough to whitelist you as a reputable seller. Simply open a support ticket with Amazon and provide the documents to customer service.
  • Legacy Brand Registry Sellers. Past listings of branded products tend to be grandfathered into Amazon’s new program, but this isn’t true for new listings created after Amazon’s recent GTIN policy changes. You may need to check the new policy’s wording to determine if your new listings will be affected.
  • Brands Names in Product Bundles. Sellers who offer certain brands’ products in a bundle may find that their listing gets blocked initially. This is Amazon trying to prevent sellers from appearing as though they directly represent the brands included in the bundle. To get around this issue, your business’s name needs to go in the “brand” field of the listing as a whole, while the individual products can have the major brand’s name as part of its description.
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