Exfoliating African Bath sponge 70 - Teal Blue

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Remove dead skin cells and feel invigorated with the exfoliating bath sponge by My Organic Shea. The designers of the nylon bath sponge modeled it after one that has been a staple in Ghanaian homes for decades. Its luxurious mesh texture exfoliates beautifully, scrubbing away dead skin cells, excess oils, and bacteria to leave your skin smooth and soft. Wetting the hand-cut teal blue bath sponge before use and then stretching it out creates a sponge approximately 70" in length that allows for a thorough scrubbing, covering even hard-to-reach spots such as the middle and lower back. The unique texture of this nylon bath sponge creates indulgent lather and stimulates your circulation. Use this African bath sponge to work in creams and lotions to ensure complete absorption and maximum softness. The mesh material permits airflow that quickly dries out the sponge, inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Some colors may bleed upon first use.

EASY STEPS TO USE YOUR SAPO: Soak overnight or for a couple of hours in warm water before first use. Rinse your sponge while in the shower or bath. Apply your favorite soap or body wash and work into a rich lather. Once lathered, compact the sponge and massage over your body. Stretch the ends diagonally and rub horizontally across your back to reach every inch of the back. Rinse your Sapo thoroughly, then hang to dry after each use.

My Organic Shea Exfoliating Mesh Bath Sponge Net, Body Scrubber, Teal Blue 1pc:

– My Organic Shea LLC

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