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Buy a UPC Barcode, UPC stands for Universal Product Code. If you live in the United States or Canada, then you need what is called a UPC-A barcode.

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UPC stands for Universal Product Code.  If you live in the United States or Canada and your product is not a book or a magazine, then you need what is called a UPC-A barcode, also known as UPC codes or UPC’s. All of them refer to the same 12-digit barcode you see on nearly 100% of all products you’ll find in a store.  A barcode is simply a unique, 12-digit number that nobody else in the world has. The black lines of a barcode are merely a special font, called the UPC-A font, which correlates exactly to the numbers lying directly beneath them. Think of it as a social security number for each one of your products. Even though many think there are conspiracy theories attached to these barcodes, there is no hidden information stored or encrypted into a barcode. For example, to create a barcode, you simply set your font style to UPC-A, type in your barcode number and up pops the black lines. The UPC font is used because computer scanners, especially older ones, have a much easier time reading straight black lines than they do reading curvy numbers. This UPC font is also the reason why you often hear barcodes referred to as UPC codes or just UPC’s.

Whether you are selling toasters, CD’s, clothing, newspapers, auto accessories, pharmaceuticals, food, alcohol, or anything else you can think of, you need to put the standard 12-digit UPC-A barcode on your product. The great news is that once you have a UPC barcode on your product, you can sell your product in any store around the world. The great thing about UPC barcodes, is that they will will never expire. Once the barcodes are issued to you, they will never be issued to anyone else and they are yours for life.

The barcodes work at every store in the world except for 6 stores - Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, WalMart, Federated Group and Kroger’s. This is due to the fact that these 6 stores collectively own and operate GS1 (the place where all barcodes originate from.) In the application process for these six stores only, they require a copy of your GS1 receipt with your own company’s name on it. Unfortunately neither we, nor any other reseller of barcodes, can provide you with this document. There’s certainly good from this, as UPC barcodes still remain highly versatile.

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