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Buying UPC Codes for Apparel

By Erik Quisling (The Barcode Guru)



A very common question we are asked every day is “How many barcodes do I need for my apparel products?”  


Specifically, customers want to know if they need to have a unique barcode for every different style and size of the clothes they are s...

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The Big Amazon Barcode Question

(Everything you need to know FINALLY explained!)

By Erik Quisling 

Over the past couple of years, a lot has been talked about Amazon’s new and evolved barcode requirements. The purpose of this article is to explain what has changed, what barcode documentation Amazon now requires to list a new product, and how these...

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Types of Barcodes and Standards

The Most Common Types of Barcodes and Standards 

If you are looking for a way to track inventory across multiple locations or a massive supply chain, you have probably thought about barcodes. At the same time, what barcodes work best for your needs? There are countless types of barcodes available, and it is important to understand some of the m...

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Selling Products Globally Through Amazon: A Complete Guide

Selling and delivering your products globally through online platforms is a way to grow your business exponentially. One of the top platforms you can use is Amazon. When it comes to expanding their eCommerce business, most sellers prefer to stay in their home country. They believe that selling products in a foreign country can be intimidating and might trigger some very comp...

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Difference Between QR Code and UPC Barcode

You might have noticed black and white patterns on the back of products. The ones with vertical lines are traditional ones, known as UPC barcodes, but there are other new ones too. These black and white dotted or uniquely patterned codes are called QR codes. You might have also heard about a QR code and even scanned one with your smartphone. With this in mind, what are UPC b...

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Are There Alternatives to GS1?

By The Barcode Guru


Many new companies looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon and countless other retailers want to know if there is an alternative to GS1 as their UPC barcode source.  After all, GS1 has virtually no customer service and is incredibly slow and expen...

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