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What is a Barcode?

Barcodes Explained (Part 1)

Every day I am very fortunate to speak with excited entrepreneurs who can hardly wait to introduce the world to their brand new product. From selling T-shirts and CDs to fishing lures and wine, entrepreneurs all come to me with the same set of questions:

What is a barcode?

How do barcodes work?

How many barcodes do...

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What Type of Barcode Do I Need?

Barcodes Explained (Part 2)

Are you in search of what barcodes you need? It is a prevalent question I receive every day when people are looking to buy UPC codes...

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How many UPC Barcodes do I need?

How many UPC Barcodes do I need?

Barcodes Explained (Part 3)

This question is perhaps the easiest of all to answer (though it will require that you have at least 3rd grade math skills).

It should now be clear that barcodes are a simple and convenient way for retailers to keep track of their inventory. With a computerized barcode inventory system, reta...

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What is an EAN Barcode?

Barcodes Explained (Part 4)

When asked about EAN barcodes, the questions usually go as follows: What are they? Do I need one on my product? If I already have a UPC do I also need an EAN? If I already have an EAN barcode on my product, do I also need a UPC?

Let me start by saying that all barcodes (both EAN and UPC) originate from the exact same source –...

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What is GS1? Are they a part of the government?

Barcodes Explained (Part 5)

For more than 14 years I have been answering these questions so let me sum up the answers as clearly as I can.

GS1 is the name of the company that created the entire barcoding system currently used by all retailers around the world. What is often immediately confusing about GS1 is that for the first 30 years of its existence it was...

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Are There Alternatives to GS1?


Many new companies looking to buy UPC codes for Amazon and countless other retailers want to know if there is an alternative to GS1 as their UPC barcode source.  After all, GS1 has virtually no customer service and is incredibly slow and expensive.  GS1 also charges steep annual fees that never end. ...

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